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  • Shaw fox

    I just set up my Runn today. Pierce of cake picking it up on BT. Updates the FW all fine then it started connecting to my iPhone or IPad but only for about a minute. I see it there au -44 strength with two bright lights on the display. Speed and gradient look sensible on configurez. Then pop. It’s gone and one of the lights has gone out. Same thing on my phone and my iPad. Never been able to get Zwift to see the Runn on phone iPad or Apple TV. I’m trying but it’s pretty frustrating. What’s the fix?

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  • Daniel Wainwright

    I have the same problem

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  • Priince-02

    Après avoir installé et réglé le Runn NPE,
    Mise a jour fait
    Calibrage élévation 0-6-12%
    Calibrage vitesse 6-12-14kmh
    Synchronisation Zwift ok
    Le tapis est régler a 0%
    Runn enregistre du Dénivelé meme a 0%
    Le défaut est de 40m d+/800m. Sur un run de 10k 600m D+ .... Une catastrophe....
    Quand on laisse le tapis tourner seul il y a 0 défaut... Et quand on run, les impacts sur le tapis fait augmenter le dénivelé...
    Gros problème en attente de reponse de RUNN NPE...

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  • Brenner Sandberg


    I received my Runn sensor last week. Set up was pretty easy but I am not getting the elevation data to show up on my watch. I have a Garmin 920XT and have downloaded the Runn Data Field app from the Garmin IQ store. It is installed and I am able to get the speed/distance data to my watch but when I have selected the "Runn Data Field" options all I see is the "IQ!" logo. Any suggestions no how to remedy this? I have reinstalled and reformatted my watch but still have the same issue.

    Thanks in advance,


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