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    Erin Eskew

    Hi Magnus - With 5-6 hours of use per week, we expect about 6 months for the battery life of heartbeatz. You should always make sure to finish your workout in the heartbeatz watch app and fully close the app so that it disconnects from your heartbeatz. If you do not fully close the watch app, then it could connect to heartbeatz in the background and drain the battery while not in use.

    When heartbeatz is disconnected, it will only flash green once per minute to indicate good battery. When heartbeatz is connected, it will flash once per second.

    Closing watch apps:

    1. Press the side bar on your watch
    2. Scroll to find the heartbeatz app
    3. Swipe left
    4. Select the white "X" in the red box
    5. Your heartbeatz app should be fully closed
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