Runn Power Sleep??


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    Erin Eskew

    Hi Chris! We recommend making sure that your Runn is turned off after your workouts. The left and right LEDs should be off (left and right referenced are from view of the white button). If the left LED is on, then that means you are connected via BLE and should disconnect to put your Runn's BLE back into low power advertising. If the right LED is on, then that means your ANT+ radio is on and you can double press the white button to turn it off. We did add a setting option into Configurez so that the double press of the white button can turn on/off both the ANT+ radio and BLE advertising instead of the native setting where the double press only turns on/off the ANT+ radio and BLE advertises at low power.

    If you have any other questions, please reach out to our support team by opening a support request or e-mailing our support team (

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