Red LED won’t stop flashing



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    Erin Eskew

    Hi Matthew! You should try the following steps:

    1. Delete any app on any device you use CABLE with
    2. Restart the device(s)
    3. Redownload the apps & connect

    If you are still experiencing issues, you can e-mail us at

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  • David Springsguth

    I am also suffering the same issue.

    I have removed all apps and re-installed but Cable is still flashing red at 1.5-2 secs.

    New firmware update has caused this to happen and I can no longer train indoors - is there the ability to factory reset etc?

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  • Coachehssoccer

    App ver 1.3.2
    Cannot get app to provide HW or FW version.

    Cannot get cable to turn on. No lights, blinking or otherwise. All batteries new on all devices: Garmin speed, cadence, hrm, Powertap power meter. When speed sensor is spun; green light blinks on speed but cable does not see.
    iPhone 12 Pro ver 15.6. Firmware for cable was updated.
    No other apps open.

    Cannot get to work to capture Ant + and out put to Bluetooth on phone.

    Any help? Revert firmware? It all worked fine for years with a double tap…

    Tom McDermott

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hello - For issues with connecting your CABLE, please reach out directly and file a support ticket with the following link:

    Kind regards,

    North Pole Engineering Support

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