Runn not working



  • Simon West

    A few things to try as I've had similar issues:

    1. Make sure it's fully charged.  I see issues with speed when charge is circa 30%.  I've ended up keeping it connected to a charger during use.
    2. Try resetting it - hold the button for 10 seconds or more -
    3. Remove it from the cradle and hold by hand over the stripes.  I found that i needed it quite close to get a reading.  This will give you an idea of how close you need to be.  You can get the leds to indicate when a stripe has been detected. See but stop after step 3.
    4. I ended up creating a longer 'stripe' on the belt by placing 2 reflective stickers end-to-end to deal with any alignment issues - the point where the stripe is registered in fairly small so any variance in positioning on the treadmill can result in it missing the stripe passing by
    5. All else fails - log a support ticket


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  • Greg Douglass

    Creating longer double length reflective strips did the trick for me.


    Thanks for the tip Simon, my Runn is working now. 

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