Runn does not display speed or cadence data



  • Guillermo Pedrero

    In zwift sometimes it shows data for very few seconds.

    Is it a faulty sensor?

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  • Peter Rainey

    Installed new firmware on RUNN (using configurez) before I used device, bought it last week.

    I get no cadence on Zwift. I wish the configurez software would show speed/cadence in the app. I find most of the instructions are lacking that little bit of helpful information. I've spent a good few hours stuffing around which seems silly for such a basic device.

    My Runn unit is installed about 10inch away from foot strike.

    I would like to try to increase cadence sensitivity I have followed the instructions provided but can't get right to show. Before you start this sequence should unit be in what state?

    You can also follow this button sequence to increase your Runn's sensitivity to cadence tracking.

    -Double press the white button, the right LED should be lit after this
    -Single press the white button, the right and left LEDs should toggle as your strips go by
    -Single press the white button again to increase cadence sensitivity

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