Data Transmission Delay/Lag to Zwift - New Apple TV 4K - (CABLE Connect ANT+ to Bluetooth)



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    Erin Eskew

    Hi Ian - We are working on digging into this issue and finding a new fix for this. I'll keep you posted on when this is available.

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  • Erin Eskew

    Hi! We just released a CABLE update that addresses some issues with CABLE and SRMs. Have you been able to download it yet and test it out? If you're still experiencing issues after updating, I would be happy to open up a support ticket for you.

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  • Ian - Cycleworks

    Hello Erin,

    Thanks for the prompt response. However I'm on the latest firmware, as I stated in the post. I made sure to update unit as soon as I received it, and is only 4 days old now. 

    Having done a bit more research and looking at other reviews etc on Amazon. I can see the data delay issue is not isolated to just one type of Ant+ power meter, but is far wider spread.

    Please feel free to raise a ticket. Unfortunately, with the data delays, it just makes shorter training intervals a waste of time.

    I brought the unit from the States, paid international shipping and additional taxes, which bumped up the overall cost.

    I won't be returning it, but it is now in back in its box and I have reverted back to my laptop and Ant+ USB stick.

    I'm sure it will be fine for anyone who doesn't do any interval training sessions or who has a power meter hooked up, so it's not noticeable.

    Sorry for the negative press, but it is just my experience.

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