Sleep the Cable?



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    Erin Eskew

    With the new CABLE update (1.9.1 and above) there is not a way to turn on the double tap to wake up feature. Something that we do recommend to help differentiate between your CABLEs is naming your different CABLEs.  You can do this by selecting "Tap for Menu" then selecting "Change Bluetooth Name." We have a lot of CABLEs around the office, and this has helped us be able to select the correct CABLE since the update.

    With Zwift, it automatically connects to the last paired CABLE/sensor, but if you select the sensor (power/speed/cadence) a list of CABLEs/sensors should appear for you to select. This is where having your CABLEs named would come in handy. NOTE: You can only use a max of 5 characters when naming a CABLE.

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