New CABLE Firmware 1.9.2 & App Update 1.2.12




  • Kenton Sorensen

    With the new firmware update, Is there any way to turn the "Wake-by-tapping" feature back on?  I can't find an option with the app menu.

    I am having trouble managing multiple CABLE units now with my Apple TV/Zwift since the update.  When using Zwift, I can't easily get the Apple TV to forget the last CABLE sensor set.  And when I try to pair a different CABLE unit, Zwift says I don't have enough available bluetooth channels.  I have Multiple CABLE units because I have Multiple bikes, each with a different cadence sensor (the cadence sensor built into my smart trainer is unreliable)  I also have one for a footpad/treadmill. 

    With the old firmware I would simply tap the CABLE unit that I wanted to use, and none of the other units were active.  So there was no confusion for the Apple TV.

    Now, to get it to switch,  I have to occupy the last-used CABLE unit with the CABLE config app, so that Apple TV can't interact with it. Then restart the apple TV, and THEN select the CABLE unit I want to use.  I have also tried putting the unused CABLE units in a metal Altoids box with aluminum foil wrapped around it.  And somehow the Apple TV will still detect a very weak signal and still select the last-used unit. And it will still detect and report the power from my smart trainer.  

    Is there a way to do this?


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  • Permanently deleted user

    When you have your CABLE connected to the CABLE Util, select "Change Bluetooth Name." You can customize the name you want for that CABLE and it will show up when connecting your device in your fitness app. So if you name each of your CABLEs, you will be able to know which one is which when selecting it in your fitness app.  

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  • Mark Lovibond

    My Cable device refuses to update the firmware.  The device is recognised by the app and the app gives me an option to update now or do it later.  When I select the option to update now, the app closes and the device goes to sleep after about 30 seconds of greed blinking led at 1-2 sec intervals.

    any suggestions?  

    my current Firmware is version 1.6.14 

    hardware is Version 1.0

    app is version 1.2.12

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